Property Sales Plan(PSP)

This is more than just an appraisal!

Most people focus purely on 'What is my property worth?'. When selling real estate it’s important to focus on more than just the value of the property. A PSP will assess your properties potential value and set out a plan to maximise the potential return.

A PSP is vitally important for properties that have different value propositions such as sub dividable properties and properties that have multiple titles – such as farms and large lifestyle properties.

A PSP is particularly relevant in todays market when we have two potential values:

  1. Rational Value: This is what your property is worth in a rational market based on recent sales history.
  2. Irrational Value: This is the potential value your property could be worth in hot market when FOMO (fear of missing out) is prevalent with buyers.

When considering a PSP we need to understand:

  1. The vendors needs , motivation and timing.
  2. Relevant sales history – associated sales within the last 6 – 12 months.
  3. Understand the property. What are the value proposition of the property. Is it sub dividable? Is there more than one title? What is the demand for separate components.
  4. Understand who is likely to purchase your property.
  5. Preparing the property for market. What work do you need to do to prepare your property for market? Investment v Return v timing restraints
  6. Sales Plan. For multiple title or sub divisible properties what is the best way to take the property to market. This will be dependant on the vendors motivation/timing and marketing budget.
  7. Marketing Plan and Sales method. When is the best time to take your property to market and how can we maximse sales media to sell your property.